How we can HeLP

Activate Business is here to enable business owners and those in management or leadership positions to feel connected, supported, and validated in your important place of influence. There are a variety of opportunities to connect including connection nights, online focus nights and smaller elective groups.

If you’re in business, Activate Business is a place for you to be connected and inspired to live passionately for God in your leadership role.

Connection Night 

Join with other Activate business people for an evening of connecting and hearing inspiring stories of how people are experiencing God in Business. Once a term. Generally Wednesday evenings, 7 pm.  

Elective Night

Once a term we will meet in smaller groups where you will get to choose an elective that best meets your needs. Over the nights we will be exploring hearing from God in your business and business growth essentials.

Focus Nights

Come and get to know more about other Activate Business leaders and what they do in the marketplace. Each session we will highlight one or two different businesses and you will have a chance to partner with them in prayer and see breakthrough in their areas of need. There will also be smaller breakout rooms so you can gain valuable support from others on the business journey.

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